Starbound cracked BETA!

Team HackNO has got something really special today. We deliver you guys leaked and cracked by us - Starbound beta! Starbound is the new game from the developers of Terraria  and is being built entirely by Chucklefish games.

Now we got our hand on to press beta, which was only intended for game reviewers from sites like IGN, etc, but we got hands on one of them and decided to crack and release it for you guys, available to download for free.

As for now Starbound is released only for Windows but other platforms are coming later on, including Playstation 4.

Download provided by us is absolutely free. You will download small installer which will download files from official Chucklefish Starbound servers including latest updates. Then this installer installs automatically cracked, fully working beta cracked by Team HackNO. Updates make sure that this version will work even after the game has officially launched.

Very easy to install:
1. Download the installer
2. Launch the installer, let it download files
3. Install the game with our custom installer
4. Enjoy!